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Cyprus In Autumn

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Cyprus in autumn: weather, what to do, prices, holidays, the best resorts.

Cypriot autumn is a great for relaxing. The “velvet season” is just peeking into the island: the exhausting sun becomes gentle, and the prices are much more pleasant.

Cyprus is not only a summer vacation with lazy reclining on sun loungers. The island has a great climate that allows you to relax all year round. And many unique attractions and activities available at any time of the year.

Autumn VacationSeptember and October: Perfect time in Cyprus

Officially, the tourist season in Cyprus starts in May and ends in October. And it is precisely the September and October days that are the most “golden”. This is a velvet time when the heat is no longer incinerating, and there are fewer tourists on the beaches. After all, many are in a hurry to take their children to school or return to university. That’s when the price drop starts.

Autumn in Cyprus is almost conditional. But the best time to travel to Cyprus is September and October. Actually, it’s European summer weather. The air temperature most of the time is between +23°…+25°.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about precipitation: in autumn, rains practically do not drop into the sunny island. Unless the sky can drip for 15 minutes, and then shine again.

Autumn Vacation

Autumn Sea in Cyprus

September and October are ideal times for swimming. The water stays warm for a long time and gradually cools down to +25°. Although, in Cyprus, hardened ones can swim until mid-November. Storms also at this time do not look at the Cypriot coast: the sea is clean and calm.

Can you swim in November? If you are a fan of the sea and harden during the year, then in principle you can. But sometimes November can be windy and rainy, and then the problem is not even the temperature, but the waves. And you will have to sunbathe in between rains. But when the weather is good, it is quite warm. Water within +20°. The warmest resorts are Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Autumn VacationWhat to do in Cyprus in Autumn

  • Marine vacation. First, go to the beach. This is the perfect time to get a gorgeous, even tan. The sun is gentle and does not burn the skin like summer. The island’s beaches are great.
  • Excursions. You can and should diversify your vacation with excursions. If in the summer it was difficult to get beyond the hotel and the beach because of the heat, then autumn is a great time to see the Cypriot sights. You can rent a car in Cyprus cheaper, as the cost of renting decreases in autumn. This is logical, because the flow of tourists is decreasing.
  • Walking tours. Cyprus has many hiking trails and attractions both in the central part and on the coast. It seems that every stone is covered with myths and legends. The tour can be short – half a day, or long, which will require several days and special preparation. Along the way, you will come across benches with panoramic views where you can sit down and relax during the hike. Be sure to look at the waterfalls of Cyprus: in autumn they look great!
  • Visit wineries. Cyprus has long been known for its wines: recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. One of the most famous wines is Commandaria, which was appreciated by King Richard the Lionheart. Go on a tour of the villages by taking a wine tour. Dozens of households are scattered around Cyprus, where they grow grapes and make wine. The owners of small family wineries have their own recipes. During such a tour, you can try several types of wine in 2-4 private wineries. And admire the beautiful views from the car window, because the vineyards are located in incredibly beautiful mountains. In addition, the young first wine is already ripening in autumn. The flow of tourists is not so great, and even the owner of the winery often comes out to the visitors to talk about his business.
  • Tour of the Cypriot villages. Cypriot villages are incredibly authentic. And each of them has its own “zest”. Lost in the emerald mountains, they seem to be separate from the whole world, slowing down the passage of time. In Cyprus, there is such a tradition: each village has its own specialization. For example, the famous village of Lefkara surprises with silver jewelry and incredible lace. Different Cypriot villages specialize in the cultivation of almonds, Damascus roses, they offer to try carob products and take away a lot of souvenirs. In one village they make honey and sweets, make jam from rose petals and cosmetics. At the same time, each village hosts its own festival once a year, when you can get acquainted with local traditions and taste the gastronomic treats of the region for free. Taste traditional dishes and popular Cypriot wine.
  • Archaeological parks. Going in the summer to excavate ancient cities is frankly too lazy. Just because it’s hot and the sun doesn’t let you relax in the open air. Trips to ancient cities are best left for autumn. You can take a leisurely walk without dying under the rays of the sun. But even in October, do not forget to grab an umbrella with you as a means of protection from the sun. During the day it can be above +30 degrees, especially the heat is felt at lunchtime and the crown is hot. A distinctive feature of all archaeological parks is the perfectly preserved Roman floor mosaics. Visit the Cypriot Archaeological Museum in Paphos, see Kourion near Limassol.
  • Water entertainment. Ride on bananas and buns, try water skiing, go sailing on a catamaran – October and September are quite suitable for fun at sea.
  • Water park and attractions. The first half of autumn is still very warm: water parks in Ayia Napa, Paphos and Limassol are working at full capacity. And in Ayia Napa you will find a large amusement park.
  • Nightlife. In Limassol, all the streets in the evening are still filled with tavern tables and noisy visitors. And in Ayia Napa, in the first two months of autumn, music in discos and bars does not stop until the morning. Be sure to go to the party in the evening!

Autumn Vacation
Autumn Holidays

Autumn is a time of bright holidays and festivals. There is something to see in Cyprus at this time of the year:

  • Wine festival takes place in Limassol. This is the coolest holiday with a view and a musical program, where the products of local craftsmen are presented. And, of course, Cypriot wines that you can taste for free. And they have long been known for their exquisite taste. The festival takes place right in the main park of the city and tourists from all over the world come to this action.
  • The Aphrodite Opera Festival, which is traditionally held in Paphos.
  • September 14 – Exaltation of the Holy Cross. This is an important holiday in Cyprus, which was made a day off for the islanders. Many Orthodox live in Cyprus. The holiday is dedicated to St. Helena Equal-to-the-Apostles and the acquisition of the True Cross.
  • On October 1, Cyprus celebrates Independence Day. They organize concerts and festivities all over the island.
  • October 28 – Ohi Day. There are concerts and a parade dedicated to the memory of the Greeks and Cypriots who participated in the Second World War.

Autumn VacationWhat is delicious in Cyprus in Autumn

In Cyprus, fresh delicious fruits. You can wander around the local markets and bargain with sellers to buy everything inexpensively. And every tourist dreams of tasting fruit, be it pomegranate or fig, straight from the tree. There is such an opportunity if you go to wonderful villages.

  • Since August, figs have appeared on the shelves. Both white and green are common.
  • Pomegranates can be found in September. Cyprus is known for pomegranates with light pink grains and soft stones. They are very sweet!
  • Strawberry. Yields twice a season. At the same time, summer strawberries are greenhouse, but in autumn they ripen in the open field.
  • Opuntia. Have you tried cacti? Opuntia – such fruits can be found in Greece or Mexico. These are thorny fruits that need to be cleaned well before venturing out to try. In no case do not take them with bare hands: small spines dig into the skin, it is very difficult to get rid of them. Take only peeled fruits or touch them with gloves.
  • Grapes. In the central part of Cyprus, the harvest is just taking place. And the season of young wines is approaching, which often do not find their way into stores.
  • Tangerines, clementines, oranges, pomelo, grapefruits are sold all year round in Cyprus.

Autumn Vacation

November in Cyprus: What to expect?

The weather in Cyprus usually changes in the first half of November. It was then that it began to get colder, and more and more clouds ran through the sky. Rains come, bringing moisture and coolness to the sun-scorched hills. November in Cyprus, although a harbinger of winter, is still quite warm. During the day the temperature is up to +20°…+22°, and at night they come +13°…+14°. In the evening, wear a sweater or sweatshirt. But if the weather is calm, then the sun can be quite hot. In the first decade you can still swim: the temperature is up to +20°. November is perfect for excursions, visiting archaeological sites.

In the second half of November, the temperature in Cyprus drops, stormy winds come, which bring waves. The chance of rain increases towards the end of the month. And at night it can be only + 14°.

Important: there is no central heating in Cyprus, so in November it can be cool in a room or apartment. The maximum you can count on air conditioning. With the advent of winds, the room is quite cool. Air conditioners do not always cope with drafts, so it is difficult to warm the entire area of the room.

Autumn Vacation

Things to do in November

  • Sunbathing. Of the amenities – from mid – November, sunbeds on the beaches are free, although all services are still working. In Paphos, transparent partitions from the wind are installed so that you can put a sunbed and sunbathe.
  • Gastronomy. In November, Cyprus becomes more calm. Restaurants and bars are closing, and even a party place Ayia Napa becomes calm. You can spend time without parties and tourists. Look at the picturesque cliffs of the sea, get acquainted with the Cypriot cuisine. Order a glass of zivania or a glass of Commandaria. Dine in one of the taverns: this is a worthy end to your adventures in Cyprus.
  • Shopping. In November, go shopping: prices are lower at this time of the year because there are fewer tourists. And at the end of the season, many try to sell their goods. The cost of everything is significantly reduced: even excursions become cheaper.
  • Walks. November is a great time to get out into the mountains. At this time, the snow has not yet fallen, the air is very fresh. Just dress warmer, because in the mountains it can be only +15 degrees.
  • Catch a wave. This time is interesting for windsurfers because the waves come. It’s time to put on your wetsuit and head out to catch the wave.

Autumn Vacation

The best resorts in Cyprus

The weather in November averages +20°. Heat can be found in Ayia Napa, Protaras, Larnaca and Famagusta. In the first decade it is still comfortable to swim in the sea: +20°. A little colder in Paphos and Limassol +19°.

The second half of November is no longer so happy, but the air temperature during the day is up to +20 degrees.

  • Ayia Napa. The warmest resort where you can still find water activities in early November.
  • Protaras. In fact, the season is already over, but bars and restaurants are still open. A great time to explore the city and surroundings. The temperature is about +17° on average, but during the day up to +22°, so it’s quite enough to feel great. And in the sea comfortable +22°. For comparison: in the Red Sea, where many fly to swim in the winter, this is exactly the temperature in the cold season.
  • Larnaca remains a popular resort. It is still sunny until the end of November and a beach holiday is quite possible. The average sea temperature in October is +25°, in November up to +25° at the beginning of the month and up to +20° at the end. It gets a little colder at night: instead of +17° it gets +13 degrees.
  • Paphos. The average daytime temperature is up to +22°, at night +13°. The rainy season also comes: on average, in November there can be rain and moderate thunderstorms for a whole week.

Autumn Vacation

What to bring with you in Autumn

  • In September and October we bring a couple of blouses with us. Although the temperature during the day is +21°…+23°, in the evening the island cools down. And you might want to throw on a jacket with a sleeve.
  • For the evening of November, take a hat and scarf, a jacket, a warm jacket and warm shoes.
  • In November, sunscreen for the face will not be superfluous, sun glasses will be needed: the sun is still bright.
  • Take an umbrella, outerwear, waterproof shoes with you in November.
  • In November, take warm clothes: even if the rains do not come, it will still be cool in the evening. And the room may be without heating.

Cyprus is a year-round resort where you can go at any time, both in autumn and in winter. And autumn is the perfect time to relax in Cyprus. Prices and weather are much nicer than in the “hot” season. And if you have the opportunity to get to Cyprus in the fall, do not miss such a chance. The best autumn time is September and the first half of October.

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