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Workation: Combining Work and Holidays

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The confinement in the wake of the pandemic popularized remote working. A trend that has blurred the boundary between the office and our personal lives. Workation is a new form of telecommuting that merges work and holidays.

For anyone who has the option to work remotely, the benefits of taking a workation, the sum of ‘work’ and ‘vacation’, are hard to pass up. Until 2019, the image of working from a laptop with a panoramic view in the background was almost exclusively associated with a digital nomad lifestyle, but, thanks to the sanitary crisis, telecommuting became exponentially more popular.

This new form of remote work is not designed for you to work while on holiday, but to work as if you were on holiday. Setting up your office in a place you would normally only visit when you are on holiday can have many benefits beyond the view.

You will still have all the essentials you were used to in office life and many luxuries you didn’t have

From sturdy workstations built for hours of tapping away on your laptop, access to conference rooms made available when needed, all the way to a strong Wi-Fi connection that won’t quit, many hotels offer a large variety of beautifully designed spaces that you can move through depending on your mood and preferences.

In many ways, hotels served as the original version of coworking spaces, it was common to see people in suits with laptops flipped open while enjoying a meal in the restaurant. Today, you are more likely to find someone wearing shorts and flip-flops.

You will increase your productivity

As digital nomads are 13% more productive than their in-office counterparts, it turns out employers also see the benefit in their employees working from abroad. Being able to work in a space tailored to individual needs and preferences, as well as having uninterrupted blocks of time during the day, all means that people are not only more productive and comfortable at work, but they are also much more willing to occasionally put in extra hours in order to get things done.

Your mental health will thank you

Feeling the winter blues coming on? Getting overwhelmed by work, or finding it tough to keep up with office politics? Maybe you could use a change from the home-to-office routine you have become so used to; something to remind you that life is for living, and not just working and commuting.

You will relax, without having to take time off work

Many hotels have amenities that, let’s face it—most of us simply just don’t have at work or home. Ditch the communal shower, pool table, and stiff massage chairs in favour of the hotel pool, steam room, and sauna—where you can unwind after a day of hard work, without even going outside. The more you use those precious after-work hours to unwind and recharge, the more you go into your working hours feeling fulfilled, refreshed, and focused.

You will discover new places

Exchange predictable commutes for lengthy walks in an unfamiliar city; explore different districts and restaurant recommendations; try your hand at leisure photography; or broaden your horizons by meeting locals and doing a deep dive into your local culture. Become friends with the barista at that coffee shop you frequent daily, or do some research on where to go and what to see from your new location.

Book your Cyprus workation and save

So, these were some of the amazing benefits of workaction trip. With privacy, your own pace and the ability to choose your activities, there is no better way to spend your working holiday in Cyprus. Book your villa now and combine work and holiday.

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