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5 Reasons Why Cyprus Is Perfect For Families

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Cyprus means different things to different people. Some know the island as a summer holiday destination. With it’s mild climate and sandy beaches, it is a preferred choice for a second home or the perfect place to retire in the sun. It’s the island of love, the birthplace of Aphrodite, and a magnet for historians and archaeologists. To the international business community, this small Mediterranean island is a bridge between East and West, a member state of the European Union, where international business is facilitated.

While first-time visitors come for different reasons, they all quickly discover one of the island’s main characteristics: it’s family-friendly face. This is truly a place where family values still exist, where children come first, and family life has priority. That’s why expatriates from around the world have chosen to move here with their families, and many who travel extensively for business in the region have made this their family base.

What exactly do families appreciate about Cyprus?

1. A safe heaven in the region

Apart from the natural, geographical and historical assets of the island, Cyprus stands out on yet another level. In a region marked by political instability and conflict, this island is a calm escape, a shelter from the madness of the outside world. In all surveys on safety within Europe and the world, Cyprus ranks among the safest destinations, and has the lowest crime rate in Europe.

2. Every day is a holiday

Have you ever felt like you don’t want your summer vacation to ever end? You invest so much time in planning and organizing, then spend a lot of money on flights, hotel accommodation and transportation – and it’s all over in a week or two… unless you are living in Cyprus.

When Cyprus is your home, every day is a holiday by the sea, or very close to it. Wherever you are, the sea is never more than an hour away. No planning, no flight bookings. You can jump into your car after work and head down to the beach for a swim. On weekends and holidays, you can explore other areas of the coastline and drive up to the cool mountains for long walks in the forest.

Especially if you make the area around Ayia Napa your home, you will have access to some of the best beaches in Cyprus. And very soon, the Ayia Napa Marina will be opening, adding a new dimension to this popular resort.

3. We speak your language

One of the most challenging aspects of moving to another country is not being able to understand the local language. In Cyprus, you don’t have to worry about that; almost everyone speaks English. The primary language of business is English, and you will find English speakers in all shops, restaurants, leisure and entertainment center’s. That makes it easy to communicate with people and make friends quickly, especially since the Cypriots are by nature hospitable. Wherever you are, you can always ask for directions, information, or any other assistance, and will always receive a friendly response.

4. Food and Beverages

People in Cyprus enjoy their food. Meals are not just to eliminate hunger – they are at the center of all social events. Families and friends always meet around a table to catch up, share their news while they share fresh and delicious home-style cooking and drinks. One of the first foods you will discover is the popular souvlaki – pork kebab in pita bread – and of course the famous Cyprus halloumi. Family occasions and holidays are celebrated around the souvla barbecue, or with lamb kleftiko coming out of the clay oven. Mixed salads and dips are standard accompaniments. Wash it all down with Cyprus drinks such as zivania, ouzo or commandaria wine, and the Cyprus kitchen and food traditions will soon be part of your chosen lifestyle.

5. Money talks too

Of course, it depends where you are coming from, but compared to other western European countries, life in Cyprus is very affordable. The cost of living is low, and Cyprus taxation rates are also among the lowest in Europe. More importantly, you always get good value for money – even for the more expensive items. As a result, you will enjoy an exceptional quality of life, without it costing the world.

Sounds tempting?

If all this has made you curious to find out more, and to discuss how you too could make Cyprus your second home, our website will provide some answers. And of course, you can always contact us for the latest up-to-date information, for a preliminary consultation, or even a no-obligation property viewing. And who knows? You might soon take a first step towards making your dream a reality.

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So these were some of the amazing tips that everyone should keep in mind when it comes to planning a trip.

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