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Best Time To Book a Cyprus Holiday Villa

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Finding the perfect villa to spend your summer holidays and then discovering that none of your periods are still available. This has surely happened to you at least once. So that’s the question: when is the best time to book a Cyprus holiday villa?

Cyprus holiday villa

Many tourists usually plan their holidays well in advance, probably because they are also lucky enough to know by the end of September the exact dates for their summer holidays on the following year. The fact remains that at the end of December many of the most desirable properties are already fully booked, especially if:
A. close to the sea
B. good value for money
C. equipped with every comfort (air conditioning, jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, etc.)

Cyprus holiday villa

If the property you are looking for shall have these requirements, then we suggest you to follow these few simple tips to secure your dream villa!

 Preliminary research: start searching already by the end of September, you’ll still have the summer spirit in you! Evaluate the various geographical areas and different types of accommodation… you’ll get an idea about the offers present on the market while you decide on the period for your break from work!

– Create a Wish List: during the search, select the structures that better meet your needs and request for quotes according to your preferred periods of stay. For early bookings, you will surely get very attractive discounted rates!

Cyprus Holiday Villa

– Book: the best time to finalize your reservation is by the month of December! Most of the vacation houses still have available dates, discounts are commonly offered and… choice is absolutely much wider! Although during the Christmas holidays you probably have more time to look around and decide, my advice is trying to get organised with friends and family before the holidays start. You’ll have a better chance of closing the deal!

Now just a couple of words to all those last minute fans out there-it’s true, you’ll often find amazing cheap offers, probably because the accommodation has not been booked for that time or maybe because other customers have cancelled their stay. However, in the wonderful world of holiday homes planning ahead always brings more rewards! To enjoy your stay and experience local habits and traditions of the Cyprus holiday villa, it is good to plan and book in advance!

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