Why You Should Book Your 2019 Holiday in Cyprus

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Aaah, the magnificent Cyprus! Though it is not probably the first pick when it comes to travel holiday destinations (due to its distance from other European countries and the fact that it is an island so you really cannot just “hop” there anytime you want), once you actually get here, you will probably ask yourself why you haven’t visited Cyprus much earlier. Beautiful beaches, parties, delicious cuisine are just a small part of exciting stuff which you can expect if you book your 2019 holiday in Cyprus. We have chosen the top 10 reasons why you should add this magical Mediterranean island to your to-visit list, so let’s check them out!


With a wealth of beaches to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your taste. From the quiet backwaters of the western peninsula, to the lively resorts in the east, the island has something for everyone. The eastern coast is famous for its fine white sandy beaches with shallow turquoise waters. Deep water bays with rocky outcrops are perfect for snorkeling or diving. The long finely packed grey sand of the southern coast lend themselves to long winter walks or jogging, while the secluded coves of the western coast beckon when you want to be alone during your 2019 holiday in Cyprus.

Cyprus Holidays 2019


10,000 Years of civilization gathered together on one island. It is said, “scratch the soil anywhere in Cyprus and you will find traces of its magnificent past”. This is no exaggeration. Evidence of the island’s 10,000 years of history is scattered throughout the island.
Situated at the maritime crossroads of the eastern Mediterranean basin, Cyprus has a rich and varied history. Many invaders, settlers and immigrants have come here over the centuries, and the island has seen Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans, British and Turks seek to take a part of Cyprus for themselves.

Perfect Mediterranean climate for 365 days

Climate in Cyprus is one of the most stable and warmest climates in Europe and the average annual temperature is 24 °C. This means that Cyprus has warm winters with very small amount of rainy days and summers are mostly dry and hot. Also, it should be noted that Cyprus has an average of 3000 sunny hours per year. For example, compared to Glasgow in Scotland which has a little over 1200 sunny hours annually, Cyprus comes very close to a perfect climate. When we look at all the given data we come to a conclusion that there is actually no bad season to visit Cyprus. Whether you wish to go there in summer or in winter, you can expect good weather and there is no fear of having to spend your vacation under umbrella.

Good road connection between the cities

Since Cyprus is an island, one would not expect a very good road network, however, here we have quite the opposite situation. For example, you can get from Nicosia to Limassol in just one hour via state motorway. And what’s best, all of the bigger cities on the island can be reached within 2 hours or less. This is excellent news for those who like to explore on their own, because in this case it is a lot easier and more economic to rent a car in Cyprus and to do the round trip by yourself.

Cyprus Holidays 2019

One of the safest countries in Europe

Cyprus is known to be among the safest countries in Europe due to its low crime rate. According to Eurostat statistics, Cyprus has the lowest number of recorded crimes, which include robberies and violent crimes. This is very useful information because who would want to book a holiday in Cyprus in 2019 which could be potentially dangerous for tourists? And given the fact that these days pickpocketers are just waiting for tourist season to “earn” some money, it is a big relief to hear that Cyprus doesn’t really have to deal with this kind of issues.


Using a traditional mix of herbs and spices, olive oil and fresh local ingredients the Cyprus cuisine is Mediterranean in nature and considered by many doctors around the world to be the healthiest diet in the world. Many have been captivated by the unique flavours and aromas. The fresh fruit, herbs, pulses, greens, fresh fish and lean meat offer delicious flavors as well as a healthy way to eat. Traditional recipes have been passed down from generation to generation with home cooking being a strong custom and tradition even in today’s contemporary world. If you add good company whilst dining with the traditional Cyprus cuisine it makes for a truly enjoyable time.  On that note the famed Cypriot warmth and hospitality makes the food even tastier!

Cyprus Holidays 2019


Hospitality, accompanied by authentic smiles and friendly faces, is what characterizes Greek Cypriot people. Loyal to family bonds, traditions and culture, lovers of nice food and endless entertainment, Cypriots are always friendly and approachable. In fact, the word hospitality in Greek is called “filoksenia” which has two stems namely, “filos” meaning “friend” and “ksenos” meaning “guest” or “tourist”. Cypriots are then friendly to their guests and tourists, as their mother tongue suggests.

Cyprus Holidays 2019


Having endless fun is guaranteed once you stop off the island. All cities have a plethora of nightclubs and bars, which promise an unforgettable holiday time. The main clubbing spot, in Cyprus is Ayia Napa which is internationally known as one of the ultimate party cities; Limassol follows second on the nightlife scale followed by Paphos, Larnaca, Protaras and of course Nicosia. In the summertime fun takes a whole new meaning here in Cyprus. Fun music, non-stop dancing, exclusively made drinks, great weather, amazing people and funky clubs located on the beach: What else would you ask for a magical night on the island?

Cyprus Holidays 2019


If you decide to spend your 2019 holiday  in Cyprus the countryside is blessed with natural and man-made beauty with an abundant historical heritage. Its beautifully unique natural environment is complemented by its traditional villages and architecture which lend it a special character and are always welcoming of visitors in the traditional warm and hospitable Cypriot way. Such an environment imbues a peaceful harmony between humans and nature, something which can be felt as soon as you have arrived in Cyprus and is one of the reasons visitors come here. In this kind of environment, a visitor comes in to contact with the welcoming locals of the traditional villages both mountain and coastal, experiences the simple and serene life, learns old folk customs, takes in the surrounding tranquil nature life and to round the experience off, enjoys the unique to the island traditional foods and drink. 

Cyprus Holidays 2019

A tree that makes wishes come true? There’s one in Paphos!

Not many people know that there is an actual wishing tree in Cyprus. The tree is located in Paphos, in front of Christian catacombs of Ayia Solomon. The tradition is to tie a piece of handkerchief on the tree and make a wish so it can come true. Though the tree doesn’t look very pleasing with all the handkerchiefs hanging, the story behind the tree is attractive to the tourists who come here to seek fortune.


Make your next 2019 holiday in Cyprus truly unforgettable. Take advantage to book early for 2019 and find great deals that suit your requests. From traditional cozy villa houses to piece of heaven at Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort or luxurious  breathtaking sea view houses  Cyprus has it all!

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