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Luxury Villa Rentals Can Be Better than Luxury Hotels

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These are the ways in which luxury villa rentals excel, and may be a good fit for your vacation style.

Mainstream: In some resort destinations, villa and home (or apartment) rentals have been established for decades. Here, villa renters are respected and treated like honorary residents.

Privacy: Typically, villas are private homes where your neighbors are not on the other side of the wall, as in a hotel. Your pool, beachfront, dock, etc. are not shared. And your parking spot is right there.

Quiet: Villas are usually in quiet parts of town away from main streets, with no hotel or street noise

Design: Luxury villas are often impressive, one-of-a-kind properties such as castles, châteaux, penthouses, ski chalets, or modern beach houses

Live-in: Luxury villas are usually comfortable homes equipped with kitchen, deck, pool, hot tub, laundry room, and other amenities

Space: Luxury villas are generally bigger than all but the largest hotel suites

Group suitability: With multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, villas can provide a better “friends and family” experience than a block of hotel rooms

Value: Luxury villa rates compare well with hotels, especially for stays of a week or more. And having a kitchen (and sometimes a chef on call) moderates restaurant expenses

Pet-friendly: As private homes, villas tend to be more welcoming to furry visitors than all the most pet-friendly hotels

Z&X luxury villa rentals is perfect for your next holiday. Our luxury villas recommendation are villa Aquamarine, Villa Karavi & Villa Med. Coast Deluxe.

All the villas are with panaromaic views, offering privacy and indulgence. Contact us today if you wish to book one of those amazing villas to check the availability.

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