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Traditional Spoon Sweets: 2 magical spots where it all happens

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Visit any village home in Cyprus and you’ll no doubt find a jar full of delicious syrup filled with the so-called ‘spoon sweets.’ One of the best known sweet treats in the country, they are essentially bite-sized nuts, fruits and vegetables preserved in thick syrup and later flavoured with various spices. Cypriots are so enthusiastic about the process that they often use ingredients that may otherwise have been thrown away, like orange peel or watermelon rind. Cherries, bergamots, apricots and grapefruits are also popular, and walnut is an all-time favourite.

MyCyprusInsider found two great places to tuck into spoon sweets, straight from the source!

Nikis Traditional Sweets, Agros

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Nikis Traditional Sweets is a traditional sweets company that has been following the traditional recipes made with love for twenty five years.

Nikis Traditional Sweets makes over 60 products, particularly known for its spoon sweets. And while you can find them in supermarkets, taking a trip to the cool village of Agros provides an altogether different experience where you can enjoy a tour of the factory grounds and familiarize yourselves with how the sweets are made. The tour includes a tasting and there are jars for sale aplenty!

All the products are produced with care and love using only pure fruits and excellent quality materials. 

Agros is village situated near the Troodos Mountains, at an altitude of 1100m. Agros village developed many small traditional businesses throughout the years maintaining at the same time its traditional character and therefore attracting many tourists all year round.      

The company complies with European standards and is certified with ISO 22000 standards.

Katerina Cyprus Sweets, Doros

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Another homemaker turned traditional sweet manufacturer, Katerina left Australia and returned to her homeland of Cyprus in the early 1980s to live with her grandmother, who taught her the tricks of the trade. Katerina showed a real knack for the process and soon begun to make sweets for local supermarkets, eventually expanding to become one of the most recognizable brands in the industry.

Katerina Cyprus Sweets factory is located in the mountain village of Doros and is great for anyone interested in a genuine traditional experience. Enjoy your sweets while watching how they are made in an area designed for viewing or simply enjoy a swig of coffee and a bite of sweetness under the shade of vines in the outdoor area. Gift shops are also located on the premises; take a goodie bag back home with you and share the experience with friends and family.

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