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7 Ways to Spend the Last Days of Summer

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Don’t let the last days of summer pass you by!

Summer is quickly coming to a close. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the days you have left. Here are seven ways we recommend you take advantage of the end of summer.

1. Spend a weekend in the mountains

Take a long weekend and get away from it all. Find a self-catering villa, grab your family or friends and take a road trip to your home away from home for the weekend! 

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2. Take a staycation

The benefits of staycations are endless! You’ll spend less money,  won’t be exhausted from travel, and your vacation can’t be cancelled. So take a day off and explore your city. Or, better yet, spend an afternoon simply lounging on your patio.

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3. If you started a project, finish it

Get your lingering home improvement projects done while you can. Once fall comes around, you’ll be glad you did! August is the ideal month to tackle some of those outdoor home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. And with summer quickly coming to an end, the time to start is now.

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4. Log in some pool time

What’s more relaxing than spending a day at the pool? We can’t think of anything better, especially if it’s one that allows you to watch the sunset with a glass of wine in your hand! 

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5. Plan a beach day

Summertime means it’s beach time, especially if your holiday villa has direct private access to the beach! Grab some friends, bring some chairs, and enjoy the sun.

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6. Eat up!

Break out the grill and invite some friends over. So long as the beer is chilling, the burgers will soon start to sizzle and the house will be filled with laughter and happiness. What better way to say good bye to summer?

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7. Get creative with your patio

Try out a new DIY project. Look for ideas, free your mind and gather all the things you will need! DIY-ing is a terrific way to gain new skills or knowledge. Whether reading up on techniques online or discovering how a broken appliance ticks, each project you tackle will teach you something new and improve your problem-solving abilities.

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