Holidays in Paphos During Low Season

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This sunny island welcomes guests all year round. When people talk about holidays in Paphos they simply imagine almost perfect weather: clear, with steady temperature, with a comfortable climate that is soft in every season. A large temperature fluctuations is very rare on the island; holidays can be relaxed and without the acclimatization period that is the traditional for many other areas.

Sun pleases guests about 320 days a year and the warmth allows coastal waters to warm up even in the cooler months; the island doesn’t close the swimming period practically. But what about the winter months, or even spending Christmas in Cyprus? Is worth the effort to visit Paphos during low season, and what should you expect during your trip?

Holidays in Paphos

Cheaper Flights and Accommodation Rates

Visiting Paphos during low season is all well and good, but iffy weather can put a serious dampener on your experience, right? Cyprus winter temperatures proved to be wonderful. Temperatures hovered around 18-20 Celsius, with blue skies and sunshine. It’s not really beach weather, but great mood-boosting and sightseeing weather? Definitely. If you’re considering a trip with the kids, Cyprus family holidays are ideal in the winter months, when small people won’t be subject to the burning summer sun. 

Naturally, low season (between November-April) means low demand in terms of plane tickets, train tickets, and accommodations. Now, there is stiff competition in the tourism industry and in order for competitors to stay ahead of one another, they respond to this by adjusting their rates downwards; the end beneficiary is you, the tourist.

Better Services

Another important benefit of traveling in low season is due to the fact that there are better services compared to traveling in the peak seasons. This is because the number of travelers is fewer compared to the available workforce and whether you are in an airport, hotel or on a wild Safari ride, you can be sure the services accorded to you will be better than those you would have received if there were more of you in these places.

Holidays in Paphos

Less Crowds

The image of Cyprus has always been one of crowded beaches and restaurants. Tourists during the low season are not so many as in the summer time and there is an ease of movement along pedestrian walkways, not to mention the weather is less polluted. This is a luxury you do not enjoy when you travel in the peak seasons. So really a holiday in Paphos during the low season is the time if you want to experience the island without the crowds.

Holidays in Paphos

No Competition for the Use of Facilities

There is nothing worse than traveling to your favorite destination, only to realize that you cannot make the most of the facilities there. This happens when there is an abnormally high volume of tourists in the same place. A case in point is having an accommodation in a luxurious hotel with all modern services but since you did not carry your PC, the free Wi-Fi will only benefit you if you use the hotel’s cybercafé. But wait…are there free computers to use here? Absolutely not, because the hotel is fully booked and so the cyber café is always full. The same applies to the swimming pool. So literally, the freedom that comes with traveling in low seasons is missing here.


How do you like the idea of uncrowded shopping malls? How about malls where items are also relatively cheap? During the low seasons, items are fairly priced so you can check into a mall of your choice and snack on anything you want or buy those fanciful souvenirs without worrying of being over charged.

Holidays in Paphos

Better Interaction with the Locals

Holidays in Paphos during the low seasons are also the seasons when business is out of the minds of the locals. It is their time to unwind and so they are more open to you. This is, therefore, a time to interact with them and learn a thing or two about their culture and heritage, the very things you wouldn’t be able to learn during the peak seasons when they are pretty much engaged.

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