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Cyprus Winter Holidays – What are they like?

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Cyprus winter holidays…Discover what it’s really like on. 

The BBC rates Cyprus as one of the best winter idea for a holiday destination.

But what is winter really like in Cyprus?

The winter months of January-February are classed as “low season” in the Cyprus tourism calendar. All the resorts are certainly pretty quiet and many hotels and restaurants actually close during the winter period.

But don’t let that put you off choosing a winter holiday in Cyprus.

There are plenty of good reasons to choose Cyprus as a winter sun destination:

The weather is great for a start…well most of the time that is.

  • Okay, there is a reasonable chance of some rain in a two week holiday during January and February and when it rains in Cyprus it REALLY rains. But most of the time, rain falls at night and, unless you venture up into the Troodos Area for skiing,it is only chilly at night.
  • The landscape is fresh and green as opposed to dry and dusty.
  • If you are an outdoor lover, you will be spoilt for choice.
  • Winter season rates in privately owned villas are almost half the price of the high season months.
  • Flights are also much cheaper in the winter months.
  • The local produce is greener and seems to taste much fresher in winter AND it is strawberry season!

Winter Sun Clothing

But just because the weather is mild by northern European standards, don’t forget to come prepared.

Make sure you bring a mixture of clothing to cope with all possibilities – we have seen too many wet and/or freezing holiday makers sheltering in shop doorways because they forgot to pack a fleece!

We’d advise packing fleece tops, trousers and a lightweight rain jacket along with your bikini, short sand t-shirts…just in case!

And don’t forget that camera!Winter is probably the best time to take photographs as there is no summer heat haze to blur the views.

Plus you can get fabulous shots of winter lightening and/or rainbows after a thundery downpour of rain.

Winter Holidays in Cyprus – Tips

    • Make sure your winter sun holiday accommodation has heating – you WILL need it at night even on the coast.
    • Bring your walking boots with you – what better way to get rid of a few pounds after Christmas!
    • Check to see what restaurants are open in your chosen resort. If there aren’t many, don’t worry, it won’t spoil your Cyprus winter holidays as you will be able to get plenty of fresh produce in the local markets.
    • Ensure you hire a 4 x 4 vehicle if you are planning to drive into the mountains as road conditions can get difficult in heavy rain and/or snow.

You can always get great holiday villascar hire deals during the winter months – often up to 45% discount – another great reason to visit! Try to avoid off road trails if it does rain heavily – you will be amazed at what a few hours of rain can do to make a complete mess of the road!

Our recommendations for the winter season are villa Neraida, villa Mylos and villa Olive Grove 2 so you can enjoy the festive season in a private villa, in front of the fireplace.

Get in touch with us today to book your Cyprus winter holiday and car hire at great prices.

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