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5 Reasons to Visit Cyprus at October Half Term with your kids

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1 Weather

The weather is amazing and just right, especially for kids. Not too hot that they will be bad tempered, but sunny enough that they can play in the pool all day. Whilst the pools might not be heated they are warm from the sun all year round so definitely warm enough. Perefecto.

2 Time Difference

The time difference is perfect: keep kids up later and they sleep later which means no problem when you return home.  For example if you are coming from England, put your kids to bed at 10pm being 8pm at home and then they sleep until 8.45am, being 6.45am at home.

3 Flight Time

Yes the flight can be long but not too long. There are only a few places you can fly to in October and get sun in that short time. You can make it extra easy too by booking brilliant car hire in Cyprus!

4 Anglified

This is a strange thing to say if you are someone who likes experiencing different cultures, however the fact that you can drive on the left can be a big plus. It is so comforting for someone who isn’t that great at driving on the right, and it makes it very very easy!

5 Types of Accommodation

There is such a range of accommodation in Cyprus from 5* Hotels, to Villas, to 3* apartments, there really is such a range of choice and affordability, since October is the last month of high season, hence the prices tend to start to fall, and special offers start to rise!

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