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Covid-19 Flexible Booking Conditions

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Latest update: 03 May 2021

Travelling to Cyprus

Cyprus has introduced the country categorization of the European Centre of Disease and Control (ECDC), which classifies countries into greenorange or red categories. The grey category will also be added which foresees obtaining a special permission to travel to Cyprus. The Ministry of Health will announce on a weekly basis the categorization of the countries. An announcement concerning any future change will be published at the following link.

All passengers, regardless of the country category, will need to apply for a Cyprus Flight Pass through the dedicated electronic portal. Visit the following link for information on passengers who meet the requirements for a test in Cyprus. 

As of 1st April 2021, the following apply

Category Green: No restrictions will apply for passengers arriving from these countries.

COUNTRIES: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Israel

Category Orange: In this category, all passengers arriving from the below countries must present a negative laboratory analysis of PCR test within 72 hours prior to departure. It should be noted that Cypriot citizens, legal residents of the Republic and persons entitled to enter the Republic under the Vienna Convention, can choose to undergo the molecular examination only upon arrival in Cyprus (expenses will be borne by themselves). In this case, they should remain in self-isolation, until the test result is issued.

COUNTRIES: Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Malta, Iceland, Norway, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), United Kingdom, Thailand

Category Red: In this category, a double laboratory testing is required; that is, a negative laboratory PCR test within 72 hours prior to departure and another laboratory PCR test upon arrival in Cyprus. The examination cost will be borne by themselves and in addition, such persons should remain in self-isolation until the test result is issued. It should be noted that Cypriot citizens, legal residents of the Republic and persons entitled to enter the Republic under the Vienna Convention can choose to undergo a laboratory testing only upon arrival in Cyprus (expenses will be borne by themselves). In this case, they must remain in mandatory self-isolation for 72 hours since arrival and after the end of the 72 hours they must undergo another PCR test, at their own expense. If the repeat test is negative, they can then terminate their isolation. The test result must be sent to the following email address: monada@mphs.moh.gov.cy.

COUNTRIES: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Luxemburg, Romania, Spain, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City, San Marino, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Rwanda, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Belarus, Qatar, Serbia, United States of America, Armenia, Georgia, Bahrain

Category Grey – special permit. Countries not listed above (in categories green, orange and red) are considered to be in the Grey Category (special permission). For the Grey Category countries, entry into the Republic of Cyprus is only allowed for the following categories of passengers:

  1. Cypriot citizens and family members (alien spouses and underage children)
  2. European citizens, citizens of European Economic Area countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and of Switzerland,
  3. Persons legally residing in the Republic,
  4. Persons entitled to enter the Republic under the Vienna Convention,
  5. Third country nationals who are allowed to enter the Republic of Cyprus after a special permission from the Republic

It is noted that passengers coming from grey category countries shall be required to undergo a PCR laboratory test within 72 hours prior to departure and to possess a certificate showing a negative PCR result. Excluding category number 2 above, passengers may undergo the laboratory test upon their arrival in the Republic of Cyprus at their own expense. Passengers arriving in the Republic of Cyprus from the Grey Category countries (Special Permission) shall remain in mandatory self-isolation or mandatory quarantine for a period of 14 days or alternatively, in mandatory self-isolation or mandatory quarantine for a period of 10 days provided that they undergo another Covid-19 test (at their own expense) on the 10th day and the result comes back negative. The test result must be sent to the following email address: monada@mphs.moh.gov.cy .

Further details regarding the prerequisites for travellers flying to the Republic of Cyprus may be found in the following link.

Covid-19 Risk Free Conditions

We are all longing for a break with our loved ones!

As we understand it’s difficult to commit to travel plans at the moment, we are offering flexible booking conditions.

Book your private villa now with the guarantee you will not lose your payment.

Can’t travel because of an official lockdown in our area or a new closure of borders? You can re-book whenever you are ready to travel and your payment will be kept for a future booking


The safety and security of our guests and staff remains our highest priority.

In response to coronavirus, we are taking the following measures to help keep our guests and employees safe:


The keys to your villa will be in a keybox next to the villa’s front door. You will receive an e-mail with the code to open the keybox. This means you can go directly to the villa on the day of arrival and check-in yourself with no need to pass by our office.

Self-check-out: inspection of the villa will be conducted after guests have departed.


In the wake of the coronavirus, cleaning protocols are being updated by the Government. We assure we will comply with any official cleaning protocol to make sure the villa is ready before your arrival.


All our staff will be equipped with gloves, masks and hand sanitizer before entering any property.

We have a 24/7 support line.


Keep up to date on travel advice from the government. Remember that advice changes all of the time as the virus potentially spreads.

Also visit Foreign and Commonwealth Office for further information for what is being done to tackle the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Also for more information for visitors entering Cyprus, you may also refer to this website before your travels for details on entry requirements, application procedures and instructions: https://cyprusflightpass.gov.cy/.

All the provided information is subject to change and we are not responsible for arranging on this matters. This is for information purposes only and to provide general assistance.

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Why choose a private holiday villa?

Choosing to rent a private villa rather than a hotel room (or two, or three) is a far better money-saving option. Most of the times, renting an entire villa works out to cheaper to one hotel room.

Our holiday villas are all individually located, all have their private gardens, private pool, private hot tub. This means that the only people you have to share your villa with, are the people you choose to share your holidays with. Whether that’s your spouse and kids, your parents, your friends, or anybody else YOU choose to go on holidays with!

Last, but not least, you have all the privacy in the world! Want to swim at 12am, there’s nobody there to stop you. Want to have a private barbecue in your private garden? You can do so every single night of your holiday.

Want to go out? Great! You’ll find a booklet in your house with information tips.

On the next day after your arrival our representative will come to meet and greet you and aslo she can advise you what’s on in your area.

Contact us for more info! We are happy to help and solve any questions or concerns.

Book With Confidence!

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If you wish to book for summer/winter 2021 or wish to make a booking for 2022, please contact us below and we will be more than happy to assist.

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