Вилла для отдыха в деревне Помос, Пафос

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Pomos is a village in the Paphos District of Cyprus, located 17 km northeast of Polis Chrysochous on the way to Akamas nature reserve. Despite being one of the most remote villages of Cyprus it hosts several cultural events and festivities, and it is very peaceful and quiet. It is ideal for those wanting to live the authentic Cyprus way of life, away from the hassle and bustle of tourist’s resorts and is perfect place to book your holiday villa in Paphos area. This tranquil and calm area prides itself with amazing views of the coastline and sandy beaches, making it the ideal place for rest and relaxation. Pomos is one of the remaining unspoiled and undisturbed areas of Paphos. An ideal location to get away from it all.

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The community of Pomos finds itself 60 kilometers of the northeasterly city of Paphos , in the geographic region of Tillyria. The village is built next to the sea, in medium altitude of 10 meters. The village of Pomos accepts a medium annual rainfall of around 440 millimeters of water and in its region they are cultivated citrus fruits, bananas, almond trees, avocado, walnut trees, olive trees, few vegetables and pistachio-nuts. In the region exist many uncultivated areas that are covered by natural vegetation such as pines and thyme. The southern side of the village is included in the government owned forest of Paphos .


The littoral place of the village contributed to the development of fishery. In the offshore area next to the Akron Pomos, there is a fishery shelter which in 1984 took in four fish boats that kept busy seven residents of the area. With state expenses since 1983 the port of the area developed significantly. The professional fishermen but the amateurs too have enclosed the area all over enjoying the fresh alluring fish. Today, the development is enough bigger, in an extent that fresh fish does not only serve the people who are there to enjoy the marvelous sight but also the restaurants of the area. Pomos port is also perfect place to take a long walk and enjoy the sunset.

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Population & Name

 In 1881 the residents of village were 183 but in the last inventory that took place in 2001 the residents of the community were measured to be 568. The village existed with the same precisely name at the medieval years and in old maps it is marked as Pomo. Certain researchers and students write the village in the type Pomos, something however that is not explained etymologically. On the contrary, equitable it appears to be the writing type Pwmos, because the name of the village is considered that it has ancient Greek origin, from the word altar or “Vwmos”. It is very likely at the antiquity to existed in the region a temple of a goddess (maybe that of Venus) with a famous altar.


The beach that shows up in front of you is not only virgin but it has expansion of one kilometer. The beach of Pomos has something special. It has enough width and it is constituted from a fine but also coarse-grained sand, mixed with few colorful pebbles. Until the Akrotiri it is probably one from the most picturesque seaside water side of Cyprus. The mountain falls almost vertically to the sea while the chutes are covered with pines and fruit-bearing trees. Besides the lacy water sides with the numerous coves and the pointy small capes, give the scenery a unique picturesqueness. The sand between the navy blue color of the sea and that of the pines, solitary and almost unknown in the wide public, is attractive to those who are interested in relaxation peace and quietness. You can only hear the noise of the waves. You feel your body to be penetrated by a soft cool breeze. You enjoy a limpid clear sky ,with stars that send you their bright or blurred light.

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Dragon's Cave

In the past tradition said that ships arrived in the area and made burglaries. In this cave there was the famous Dragon who protected the area from all the evil things that happened then. It is a rocky cave, with an opening to the sea some kilometers further from the port, to the cape. The cave has lots of depth and sweet water comes from there.

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While the sunset begins, the few scattered clouds take a soft golden color and create a marvelous view. The Sunset here is Bucolic and blissful, wonderful and wild, head along this far north western coast of the island. The location of Pomos is the ideal place to watch the sunset. The scenery and nature are unique. Even in the same place every sunset is different from day to day. Pomos is one of the best sunset view points not only in Cyprus but all over Europe.

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The small village of Pachyammos, just 3,5 km from Pomos is majestically beautiful and the mountains lead straight into the sea. The main point of interest is the impressive church of Agios Rafael, an important pilgrimage site for the faithful due to the belief in the miraculous curing powers of the saint. The narrow sandy Blue Flag beach of Pachyammos makes for a nice stop. Pachyammos Village Beach is an idyllic refuge for those seeking a remote and private stretch of bay to enjoy their day in tranquility. The scenery and the views ascending the hill are simply amazing. Drive through the serpentine mountain road and enjoy the beautiful contrast of the wild green of Tiliria on your left and the dramatic coastline of hill girt bays and seaweed-covered rocky shores in the deep blue colours of the Mediterranean on your right.

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Where to Stay

Stunning natural environment, friendly, laid back people, great apartments and villas for your accommodation, wonderful beaches, stunning sunset, Pomos is the ideal place for those seeking active holidays in the nature. The scenery of the village has an obvious leaning to the sea. The creation of tourist units in the enchanting beach of the village, offered the opportunity to the foreigners but to the local people to enjoy the magic of the scenery and their calm. You can stay in villa Karavi, Aquamarine, Carmel View or Pomos Med.

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