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What You Should Bring to Your Cyprus Vacation Home

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Packing for your Cyprus vacation home getaway can be a challenge, particularly when you are not sure exactly what is available in your rental unit. This checklist will help you decide what to bring and what to leave behind.

Vacation Cottage Basics

These must-have items can make or break your stay. Review your rental agreement carefully to be sure you know which items are supplied and which items you must bring with you. If possible, ask the owners or management company to tell you what supplies and kitchen items are in the cottage.

At a minimum, you should pack:


Owner/manager contact information, so you can call for assistance during your trip


Final payment, if not already submitted

Driver’s license, passport, and visas (if required)

Debit and credit cards


Cash for local purchases, if you are renting within your own country


Cell phone and charger


Camera and charger


Converters and plug adapters, if you are traveling to another country


Sheets, towels and/or pillows, if required by your rental agreement (be sure to verify bed sizes if you are packing sheets)


Charcoal, lighter fluid and matches if a charcoal grill is available and you are driving to your vacation cottage. You cannot bring these items onto an airplane.


Firewood, if a fireplace or fire pit is available, you are driving to your vacation cottage and the cottage is not located in a firewood quarantine zone.

Cyprus vacation home

Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies

This list includes basic items only. If you plan to do a lot of cooking and you have extra space in your car or suitcase, consider packing a favorite frying pan and saucepan, too.


Spices and seasonings for cooking and grilling, including salt and pepper (pack in small zip-closure plastic bags to save space)


Gluten-free cooking ingredients, if needed, unless you know you will be able to buy them at a local grocery store


Condiments (consider buying individually-sized packets)


Corkscrew/bottle opener

Coffee, tea, creamer, and sugar


Favorite kitchen knife


A small cutting board, if space permits


Aluminum foil (handy for wrapping leftovers and for grilling)


Pet food, if your pet will accompany you to the vacation cottage


Extra toilet paper, tissues, paper towels and trash bags, if you are staying far from a grocery store or will not have time to buy them when you arrive


Laundry detergent, if you plan to wash clothes (Tip: Bring a couple of laundry detergent capsules from home to use at your cottage or the laundromat. They are easy to pack and use. Remember to place laundry detergent capsules in the washer with your clothes, not in the laundry soap dispenser on the top of the washing machine.)

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Personal Items

Clothing, shoes, and outerwear suitable for your environment and planned activities


Hand soap, shampoo, and other personal toiletries


Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, if needed (Tip: Bring prescription medications in original containers if you are crossing an international border.)


Hair dryer, if needed, unless one is available at your vacation cottage


Rain gear, such as rain shells, umbrellas, and ponchos


Insect repellent

Recreational/Leisure Items

Location-specific and seasonal items, such as insect repellent, beach towels, and sunscreen


Sports equipment for outdoor fun (Tip: Ask about bike helmets if the cottage has bicycles available for you to use. You will probably need to bring your own bicycle helmets from home in order to be sure that you have a helmet that fits properly.)


Reading material, digital media players loaded with music and podcasts, board games, DVDs, playing cards and other activities suitable for rainy days; ask the vacation cottage’s owner or property manager whether a TV and DVD player are available (Tip: Remember to pack your charger if you bring an e-reader.)


Laptop computer, if desired; ask whether WiFi is available. If not, plan to look for local WiFi hotspots or bring your personal hotspot to your vacation cottage. (Tip: If you are traveling to another country, be sure to sign up for an international data plan before you leave home.)

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What if I'm Flying to My Destination?

You may not be able to bring olive oil or firewood in your checked baggage, but you can bring small kitchen items, utility knives, spices and a corkscrew in your suitcase without difficulty. Be sure to check the Transportation Security Administration’s list of prohibited items if you are flying to or from the Cyprus.

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