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Protect Your Home While You’re Away On Cyprus Holiday

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Summer holidays can be such a relaxing time of year. You might get some well-earned time off work, and if you have children, they will have a long school break over Christmas too. A lot of families tend to go away during this time, but before you start packing, have you considered how secure your home is? Securing your home before leaving for holidays is a must if you want to have a relaxing, worry-free time while you’re away. Here are our 7 top tips to protect your home while you’re away on Cyprus holiday.


Cyprus Holiday

Let your neighbors know that you’re going away

If you are close with your neighbor, let one of them know you’re going away, and for how long. That way they can communicate with you if they see suspicious activity, and better yet let the police know!

Inform the post office that you won’t be home

One of the biggest giveaways that a family has left for a holiday is the overflowing mailbox or packages sitting on the doorstep. This is very easy to remedy by a quick phone call or trip to your local post office. You just need to inform them when you’ll be away and they will make sure you mail stays safely at the dispatch center and doesn’t fill up your mail box.


Cyprus Holiday

Hide all valuables and close your blinds

The last thing you want to do before you pack up and head off on holidays is to make sure your home is NOT available for window shopping. We have said this before – burglars love to look through your windows to spot any valuables left lying around. They are looking for light valuables that are easy to remove from your home quickly. Do not tempt them. Put all your valuables away and close your blinds.

Keep your holiday plans off social media

There is a higher risk of being burgled when the residents are on holiday. One way for burglars to know whether a family if gone or not is to first collect a piece of your mail from your mail box, and then stalk you on social media. It isn’t hard these days to collect personal information like travel plans, especially if the plans have been spoken about or ‘counted down to’ on social media. Please put your social media account on private and resist the urge to speak about your upcoming holiday until you are back safely in your own home.

Cyprus Holiday

Install Sensor Lights

Installing sensor lights will deter anyone who’s approaching your house. While it’s no secret that sensor lights exist and most people will know it’s not turned on by a vigilant homeowner – it will blow their cover. If someone has seen your home as an opportunity for crime, a sensor light will activate – and stay turned on – when someone is close by.

Helpful Hint: Install sensor lights around the sides and back of your home too! A burglar may think he or she can bypass a sensor light by making their way around the back. But if you expose them there too – they’ll be more inclined to find another home with less risk of getting caught out.

Cyprus Holiday

Pick Up Your Spare Key

Having a spare key hidden around the yard is a great idea for those who forget their keys a lot (we won’t judge – we’ve all been there). But if a burglar knows you’re away, they also know they have time to look under some pot plants and in mailboxes. So pick up your spare key before you head off. Maybe drop it at a friends’ or neighbors if you’re worried you could lose your keys while away!

Avoid Climbing Points

Before you head off on your relaxing holiday, walk around your house looking for trees, ladders or anything else that might have been left that could help someone into your home. Put away any ladders or large apparatus under lock and key and trim back trees so they can’t be used for climbing. The other plus side of having your trees cut back is that it removes any cover that a burglar may be able to use when conducting their shady activity, trying to break into your doors or windows.

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