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Autumn…The Perfect Time for Cyprus Holiday Villa!

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A little bit cooler weather has finally set in, and as we reach for those cardigans and coats, there’s something rather exciting about heading into the great outdoors and feeling the crunch of crimson leaves beneath our feet. Whether you fancy a quick escape or would love to put your feet up for the night in one of the quaint areas around the island, Z&X Cyprus Holiday Villa has a few suggestions to keep you busy!

Cyprus Holiday Villa

1. Put Your Feet Up For The Night In The Countryside

Most of us living in Cyprus tend to usually frequently escape the daily grind with great weekends away in the summer months, then slipping into a slightly lazier mode come autumn and winter. But the fact of the matter is, now is an absolutely fabulous time of year to enjoy a fun break in the countryside, with the weather neither too hot or too cold for rural shenanigans. With countless holiday villas and resorts around the country calling out for attention, you can find easy your sweet autumn escape.

2. Get Your Heart Racing & Warm Up On a Long Country Walk

With plenty of nature trails weaving their way across the Cyprus countryside, this is a great time to get those walking shoes on and put your best foot forward. Wake up bright and early, and before you leave the house, energies your mind and body with a good breakfast. Where to go once you’ve enjoyed your breakfast? We suggest doing something rather different and heading along a nature trail right by the sea. From Cape Greco National Park on the east of the island, to the Akamas peninsula in the west, most trails have been landscaped on gentle gradients and are circular. They are all well signposted at the start, with additional wooden signposts along the way often pointing towards specific flora and notable geological features along the route.

Cyprus Holiday Villa

3. Have a Feast At One Of The Island’s Many Picnic Sites

Once the autumn leaves begin to cover the ground in a blanket of crimson hues, there are plenty of great sites around the island to take your picnic basket, indulging you taste buds and your senses away from the incessant buzz of the island’s main cities. With Platania in the Troodos district standing as one of the island’s most popular picnic sites, what many people don’t realise is that the island is also dotted with other fabulous places to enjoy an outdoor feast, from the gorgeous Xyliatos, to the breath-taking Stavros tis Psokas, and the list goes on.

4. Wash All Your Stress Away At A Gorgeous Waterfall

Beach season may be nearly over, but who says you can’t splash about a little in the mountains in the cooler weather? Most people know about the gorgeous Caledonia falls, but Milomeri is also a great option – actually the highest in the country – with the water falling from a height of 20 meters. Situated in the Kryos Potamos river bed southeast of Pano Platres at an altitude of 980 meters, it’s surrounded by a density of pines much like Caledonia, but the difference with this particularly cool spot is that you don’t have to embark on any trek to get here if you don’t wish to walk much. Then there’s Chandara Falls, surrounded by the Trooditissa National Forest, located on the Trooditissa river bed north of the village of Fini, at an altitude of 1035 metres and dropping from a height of 8 metres. 

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