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5 Reasons To Spend Christmas In Cyprus

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Cyprus is famous for its lovely beaches, tasty cuisine, warm people and lovely weather. Cyprus is a popular destination in the summer. 

Winter in Cyprus is another story.  Winter in Cyprus is mild and pleasant with days that have warmish temperatures of 20°C. Snow is very unusual in Cyprus (except the Troodos mountain) but the wind might gets cold at night and it may rain at times. The island is peaceful all throughout winter. Cyprus in December and Christmas is different too. What people don’t know is that Cyprus has a lot to offer in winter especially during Christmas. After all, Christmas is one of the most festive seasons, so check out what Cyprus has to offer. Here are 5 reasons to spend Christmas in Cyprus.

Christmas In Cyprus

1. Christmas in Cyprus is Family Time

Christmas  in Cyprus is the best time to spend quality time and enjoy the holidays with the family. Cyprus is the perfect place to spend some family time. Cyprus has a delightful tradition of spending Christmas with the family so it’s normal in Cyprus to see four generations celebrating the festive season all together either at home or at any of the lovely Cypriot restaurants. There is a big emphasis on family time during Christmas. Christmas is all about relaxing with your loved ones, exchanging modest gifts, and having leisurely meals all together.

2. Breathtaking Views in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island set amidst the Mediterranean Sea making it a popular destination in the summer. Since it’s a popular summer destination, most of the beaches are crowded too. Winter is the perfect time to explore the island either by car rental, by bicycle, or by foot. You can enjoy long walks at the 50 or so beaches that are uncrowded or even almost deserted. Isn’t it nice to have a sunny Christmas walk along the beach? You can enjoy sunbathing in the afternoons too when the temperatures hit around 20°C. There are nature trails all around which lead to virgin forests, cliff-tops, and some of the beaches. Enjoy watching the sunset from the cliff-tops or enjoy bird-watching too. Aside from exploring nature’s finest, Christmas is also a great time to explore the small pretty villages and marvel at the lovely architecture all around you. 

Christmas In Cyprus

3. Enjoy Christmas Markets and Christmas Dishes

You can’t miss the Christmas Fairyland, with a brightly lit Ferris wheel calling out to greet you the moment you enter Nicosia. The festive spirit of Christmas and the unique magic that revives every year, becomes alive at the impressive Christmas Wonderland that will offer countless beautiful moments in the city center, at the Old Port in Limassol & Kennedy Square in Paphos. During the Christmas period there are different charity events & Christmas bazaars.

Kids can also enjoy the activities that are set for them and even a meet-and-greet with  Santa while the adults enjoy shopping in the Malls. Aside from the Christmas markets, check out some of the restaurants that offer a wide selection of Christmas dishes and specials. Try out these seasonal dishes that will make you feel the spirit of Christmas. Some of them serve traditional Christmas cuisine while some serve Christmas set menus. Winter is also one of the best times to get exquisite meal deals when the island features themed three-course fixed price menus. If you want a more extravagant experience, make a reservation at those restaurants  with cozy atmosphere that are exclusively open during the Christmas season.

4. Christmas in Cyprus

Coastal cities and the capital Nicosia may not have snow during Christmas but Cyprus it is surely a festive place to be with warm family traditions, special and interesting customs, lots of activities for everyone, unique events and delicious tastes.

As Christmas approaches the mad rush to buy presents, prepare food, send cards and be jolly can make anyone exhausted especially in the slower paced lifestyle that many seek in Cyprus. In Cyprus just like much of the world, Christmas has become more commercialized with shops well decorated, stocked and extending their shopping hours. All sorts of Christmas events, parties and religious functions fill the calendar in anticipation.

Christmas is always celebrated in Cyprus in a rather traditional way. It is, beyond doubt, a magic, precious and loving holiday for both children and grownups. A time when people rejoice the birth of boy Jesus, spend time with beloved ones, exchange gifts, sing carols and… eat!

The towns are also well decorated with Father Christmas statues, snowmen, angels and lights in town and throughout the villages. Christmas and New Years is not to be have many unique customs, decorations, foods and traditions.

Christmas In Cyprus

5. Relax In The Best Villas

Last and finally one of the best things to enjoy in Cyprus are Z&X Holiday villas, that give you scenic views, relaxing vacations that make you feel at home, picture perfect houses with beautiful landscapes. Z&X Holiday Villas offers a wide selection of luxurious, modern or traditional holiday villas, where you can enjoy Christmas vacation with your family or friends. These villas range from affordable ones up to the most extravagant ones that will leave you almost not wanting to leave the place anymore.

Villa Karavi, for example, offers a majestic view of the sunset and the bright blue Mediterranean Sea. Aside from the relaxing view outside, enjoy the style of the furniture and the interiors too.

Christmas In Cyprus

If you feel like living on the country-side with a villa surrounded by the orange trees, you can check out villa Mylos and Neraida located in Miliou.

Christmas In Cyprus

There are a whole lot of other villas to choose from depending on your budget and your needs. The best thing about it, as Christmas is a low-peak season, there are a lot of good deals and special offers on luxury accommodation in Cyprus. If you want to escape a miserable weather, the very crowded mall sales, and Christmas commercialism in general, why not head over to Cyprus and enjoy a more relaxed Christmas with your family. Christmas in Cyprus is like living the dream. It’s enjoying two of the best things in the world: Christmas and the beach.

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