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Traveling With Kids During The COVID-19 Crisis

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Traveling with Kids During the COVID-19 Crisis: 11 Safety Precautions to Take, According to Experts


The decision to travel with your kids during the COVID-19 outbreak is a personal one.

If you are still planning to take your September getaway or go on that long-awaited winter vacation, there are some safety measures you can take to stay as healthy as possible. Check out what you should do if traveling during the Coronavirus outbreak, especially when flying.

1. Talk To Your Kids

Are your kids asking questions about COVID-19? Talk to them, but keep it age-appropriate. Talk through what you can do to protect yourselves and reassure them that a relatively small percentage of people who get sick become seriously ill.

2. Choose Your Airline Seat Wisely

It is a bit of an urban myth that the recirculated air on a plane can make you sick. In fact, where you sit plays a much larger role. Many researchers now agree that you should sit in a window seat to avoid airborne-illness when traveling. The recommendation comes from a study published in 2018 that looked at the behaviors, movements, and transmission of droplet-mediated respiratory diseases during transcontinental flights.

September getaway 3. Pack A Travel Thermometer

It’s always a good idea to pack a travel thermometer. (Pro tip: This also helps decipher between real illness versus someone not wanting to participate in an activity on vacation!) Also pack any medications and prescriptions you might need. Due to shortages and varying factors by destination, you should not rely on the local pharmacy for help.

4. Wash Your Hands

This is the number one deterrent to any virus. A good rule of thumb: ask your kids to sing the entire happy birthday song aloud to ensure they’re washing long enough to properly cleanse. Wash hands pre- and post-flight, and before and after eating any meals. Also be sure to pack hand sanitizer.

September getaway 5. Wipe Everything Down

This includes the front and back of the seat tray, as well as the hardware, armrests, television and sound controls (basically everything). If you’re lucky enough to find wet wipes that have disinfectant and antibacterial properties, those are best. If you find yourself without any wipes (most have sold out), ask the flight attendant for extra spray and take the liberty to wipe down the seat area yourself. Alternatively, you can pack a few travel-sized bottles of liquid cleaning product and paper towels in your carry-on bag.

6. Rinse With Saline Spray

If traveling with infants or toddlers, rinse their nose with saline solution before and after the flight. This is simply an extra cleanse and hydration boost that will benefit them. Older children and adults can and should do this as well.

7. Cover Your Seats With Blankets

Packing breathable blankets to throw over the seats after you have wiped them down it is also reccomended. This will provide an extra barrier between you and any germs on your seats. We recommend  blankets made of muslin material, like cloth, but breathable. They are also easy to fold up, wash in a sink, and air dry.

September getaway 8. Drink Water

Do not rely on water bottles at the airport, either. Bring your own reusable bottles from home, and fill them up after you get through security. Many airports have hands-free water dispensers.

9. Eat Well

It is unclear whether or not Vitamin C can prevent someone from contracting the Coronavirus. While it certainly can not hurt, it is also a good idea to eat well before, during, and after your vacation. Make sure your family is eating a colorful diet, with produce of every color. The healthy foods will provide incredible natural vitamins through absorption.

10. Take A Deep Breath

The most important thing to do before you even check in at the airport is take a deep breath. It is going to be OK. The more stressed, anxious and worried you are, the weaker your immune system will become, and the more susceptible you are to transmission of any illness. Mentally prepare for the family adventure.

September getaway 11. Stay Up-To-Date On Travel Warnings

Use all available resources to make an educated decision about whether or not to cancel your trip, and check them often. What might be a low-risk region now can drastically change within a couple of days.

World Health Organization (WHO) Global Tracking: This page allows you track the number of cases of COVID-19 and where they’re occurring in real-time.

CDC Travel Advisories: Follow the latest advisories for cruise ship travel, high-risk destinations, and beyond.

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