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Happy Quarantine: Things To Do While Hunkering Down

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In this current climate, many of us are worried about ourselves and loved ones due to the coronavirus.
While in the midst of the unknown, health officials are urging us all to do our part in “flattening the curve” — a term coined to help halt the spread of the virus.

Sports, schools, businesses and events have been postponed and canceled. We are being called upon to stay home and practice social distancing. In our busy lives, this is usually near impossible and feels foreign.

However, this is the time to hunker down and ride it out. Here are some ideas for happy quarantining.

Quarantine and relax

Make your space cozy by lighting candles, cleaning up and brewing coffee.

Of course, there’s the television. Whether it be movies, Netflix, Amazon, HBO or good ol’ fashioned VHS tapes, binge all those films and series that everyone talks about.

If you really want to transport to another time, hit play on some Wyatt Earp or Tombstone. While binge watching, make sure to have popcorn on hand. Watching movies is a great way to distract yourself from the not-so-positive news.

Even if you don’t have a T.V., check out YouTube tutorials on just about anything from changing your oil to makeup tutorials.

Games! Games! Games! Whether it be board games, card games or dice. There are so many fun games to play with your (disinfected) family. Take this time to learn a new take on Rumi. Puzzles are also a fun, time-consuming way to spend your day.

Be productive

For those who find it absolutely physically impossible to relax, use your free time to get ahead on your chores.

It’s winter, it’s cold outside, this is the perfect time to stay at home and be productive. Go through your stuff and donate. Embrace change by clear spacing and rearranging your living room or bedroom for summer.

Finally, get all the laundry done that has been piling up. Try out some digital housekeeping by updating your LinkedIn account or clearing out some photos on Instagram and Facebook.

While going to the gym seems like a good place to relieve stress, skip the gym for now and workout at home.

Use this time to find workouts online. Exercising and getting our bodies moving will help relieve pent up anxiety. There is an app for just about anything including yoga classes, breathing exercises, and yes.. even kickboxing if you need it.

With this extra time, even try learning a new language from your computer.

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Do something for others

Shovel snow from your neighbors yard.

Pick up groceries for your neighbor who is elderly or has a lower immune system

Stay connected with your community by supporting local businesses with Etsy, online shops or donating.

Restaurants and bars are also being hit hard, buy a gift certificate to enjoy after the situation calms or grab some take out.

Embrace creativity

You know all those things you said you’ve wanted to do but never had the time for?

Well, now is your time.

Get crafty and make all those Pinterest boards come alive.

You can use stuff around the house like recycled lightbulb flower vases to wine bottle tiki torches.

Get your hands messy with DIY crafts or break out the sewing machine that is gathering dust.

Bake. This could be the best time to let the creativity flow and learn some new recipes.

Try out those time-consuming meals or sweet treats that you haven’t quite made the time for with your otherwise busy schedule.

Even try your luck at some of grandma’s ol’ family cookbook recipes or new-age recipes like cashew cheese.

Learn some new hobbies like playing the guitar.

Cyprus holliday villasDisconnect to connect

Use this time to reconnect with family members that you haven’t spoken to in awhile.

Busy lives may unintentionally make us put family and friends on the back burner.

Call that uncle or that cousin you haven’t spoken to in years.

Reach out to your elders to put them in a positive spirit. This is an especially scary time for them.

Facetime or Skype your friends for a vitual coffee date.

Spend this time getting back in touch with your kids.

Teach them ol’ fashioned chores, like to knit and iron.

Treasure this special time with your family that might not always be so accessible.

Bury your nose in a book. Read those books that you started just before bed every night but havent had the time to completely finish.

Listen to good music. Explore new artist.

Give your pets some love and cuddles, they are probably pretty excited to have you home.

Luckily we live in the mountains where open space is abundant.

Get outside and breathe some fresh, safe nature while soaking in Vitamin D.

There is nothing quite like disconnecting from technology and finding the connection within the trees.

Break out the snowshoes or cross country skis to find peace and solitude.

If you are feeling down about this sudden change and uncertainty, coming back to your roots can awaken creativity and the much needed solitude from society.

Realize that this short period of time will, like everything in life, change too. Take this time to lay low, be kind and smile at one another.

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