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5 Reasons For An Autumn Holiday

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When you think of fall, you probably imagine cosy sweaters, pumpkin-spiced goodies, gorgeous foliage and crunchy leaves. But did you know it’s also the perfect season for travelling? From fewer crowds and lower prices, to incredible festivals and the best seasonal food, here are 5 reasons why you should be thinking about booking an Autumn holiday in 2021.

1. Mild temperatures

While one often escapes the heat in summer, every ray of sunshine is enjoyed in autumn. The sea behaves in a similar way. Gone are the days when you had to go into the room at lunchtime, or at least seek a break in the shade. Temperatures of 25-30 degrees are just perfect for long beach days and the water temperature is even more than pleasant. For those cooler evenings, just put a scarf in your pocket and enjoy a glass of red wine while the crickets are chirping in the background.

2. Fewer tourists

Imagine that you are almost alone on the beach, only the gentle surf of the ocean, the sound of the ocean in your ears and the mild sun on your skin. Does this sound like a dream or not? The chance of meeting crowded beaches and hotels in the autumn is almost zero. Most of us go on holiday to escape for a brief moment from everyday life and to find a little rest and relaxation. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and forget the stress. Why go to the beach at the most visited time, if one can have  double the effect on an almost empty beach?

Autumn Holiday3. Lower prices

The low season is accompanied by the sometimes significantly lower prices. While in the high season you may only be able to afford a standard double room, in the off-season for the same price it will quickly become a deluxe room or junior suite with much more space and sea view. Moreover, if the type and size of the room is not so important, you can put the money saved in good conscience into good food, quality wine and unique excursions. For one or the other moment of relaxation, you can also use the SPA menu as well as enjoying relaxing massages and treatments.

4. SPA

Moreover with that we would already be at the next argument. While in the summer, you would not even begin to think about sweating in the sauna and the thought of a back massage with sunburn hurts before one has thought it over, the spa in autumn becomes an oasis of peace for body and soul. While the beach holiday in autumn is not only blessed with 30°C sunny days, the SPA at Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort offers a welcome change. So many people might even want some more rainy days.

Autumn Holiday5. Recharge your power for the winter

These soothing wellness moments are not only a blessing for the short break on holidays. Above all, they offer the opportunity to come to rest and recharge the batteries. What a relaxing massage or deep breathing in the steam sauna can do for the well-being of the body, one usually only recognises once one is back home and the stress of everyday life is fully returned. With full power reserves and an inner balance, the start in the cold winter is best known. So what could be better than spending a few quiet, relaxing and dreamy days by the sea, just before the arrival of winter?

4. Plan Your Autumn Holiday With Z&X Holiday Villas

As we understand it’s difficult to commit to travel plans at the moment, we are offering flexible booking conditions. Book your family villa holiday now with the guarantee you will not lose your payment.

If you wish to book for Autumn/Winter 2021 or wish to make a booking for 2022, please contact us below and we will be more than happy to assist.

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