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Winter Time in Troodos

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Winter in Cyprus lasts from December to February, with January-February being the coldest months. Many visitors can not believe how cold it is and this is due to the dampness that creates the impression that the cold penetrates your bones, unlike other countries that while having lower temperatures do not have moisture and this makes the cold more tolerable.

This is also the time of year when smaller destinations in the Mediterranean are closed for the season, but not Cyprus. In the mountainous regions, temperatures can fall significantly during winter, giving the possibility of skiing. The snow at Olympos, a mountain over 2000 meters high, is great during winter, and facilities open from January to March for those wishing to experience their skiing opportunities.

Click here to have a look at what the weather looks like today in Troodos from the Troodos webcam.

If you are a nature lovers and you like spending your days outdoors, Cyprus is a wonderful holiday destination in the winter as the landscape transforms into a green and fertile picture.

The Troodos National Forest Park is the largest in the whole island and hosts the largest number of plant life in Cyprus. There are many other natural parks on the island, most of which offer excellent camping sites. Winter is also the season of strawberry so make sure to try some with the first chance you will be given.

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