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Private Villa Rental or a Resort ~ How to Choose?

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Gone are the days when the only way to book a vacation was to call your travel agent. The internet has literally opened up a world of options for today’s travelers. From luxury villa rental to DIY travel with Aibnb, the options are infinite. So how do you choose what style of vacation is best for you and your travel companions?
Since you are reading this blog, chances are – you are considering a private villa rental, so read on and we will show you some of the benefits of both villa rental vs. staying at a resort.

Villa Rental

Benefits of Villa Rental

  • Privacy: We will start with the obvious – villa rentals definitely provide more privacy than a hotel suite. From your parking spot at the private entry, through to the private terrace, the entire property is yours.
  • Quiet: With more than just a wall or a hallway as separation from other guests in the resort, a private villa will also be more peaceful. You won’t have to worry about street noise, other guests or music from the bar waking you up in the night.
Villa Rental
  • Room to Relax: Even if you were to book a penthouse suite, typically a private villa will give you more bedrooms and more living space in general.
  • Convenience:  Villas provide all the comforts of home (and sometimes more) with the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen, pool, spa, laundry, plus daily housekeeping.
  • Meals: with your own kitchen on property (which often can be pre-stocked before your arrival), you can eat and drink what you want, when you want, and in the portions you want. Often this comes with the bonus of also being more economical than resort restaurants.
  • Uniqueness: Luxury villas are usually a private home that the owners have carefully decorated with unique artwork, furnishings and their own personal touches, creating a more comfortable and memorable locale for your vacation.
  • Groups: If you are traveling with a group of people, other couples, extended family, etcetera, then a villa provides for a more inclusive, social experience for all (as opposed to separate hotel rooms).
  • Affordability: If you are traveling with multiple couples or a large family, then a private villa rental is often more affordable. At Z&X Holiday Villas, we like to think many of our villas provide “affordable luxury”.
Villa Rental

Benefits of Hotel / Resorts

  • Accessibility: Typically hotels and resorts are better equipped if you have accessibility concerns, such as the need for a wheelchair ramp, elevator or grab bars in the shower.
  • Proximity: Hotels and resorts are often closer to town, providing for more convenience to restaurants, bars and other activities. Since villas are typically in a residential setting, you would have to travel farther to “go into town”.
  • Sociability: If you like being sociable and meeting other guests, then the quiet and seclusion of a private villa rental might not be for you.
  • Convenience: Resorts have the convenience of 24-hour front desk / concierge, multiple restaurants, bars, a kids club and often a full service spa, fitness room or tennis courts, all just steps from your hotel room. (Note – If you are renting one of our villas, we offer a full spectrum of resort amenities, all just a golf cart ride away).
  • Resources: When researching your accommodation options, you typically can find more information and reviews on hotels and resorts than you can on private villas.
  • Affordability: If you are just a couple traveling then staying at a resort hotel will be more affordable (but not as romantic!)
Villa Rental

Every vacation, and every group you travel with, is unique and you will have different requirements. At Z&X Holiday Villas we believe that we offer the perfect combination between the privacy of a villa, and the convenience of a luxury resort. If you would like to know more, please call or email us for more information.

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