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Detox After Your Cyprus Villa Vacation

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Cyprus villa vacation is the perfect choice for a vacation away from home and Cyprus is definitely a family-friendly destination. The culture revolves around the (extended) family and children are adored. Stripped back to basics, beaches, castles, ancient sights and virtual year-round sunshine are pretty good raw ingredients.

Not all vacations include relaxation, sleeping in every day and laying on the beach. In fact, most of the “vacations” we go on involve running and trying to get from place to place on a tight time frame, over-indulging in foods we typically wouldn’t eat at home, and waking up to an early alarm every morning. When we return home, we always need to recover and detox from your vacation.

No matter where we go, or for how long, we always break from our usual routine and find ourselves sliding into slightly less healthy habits than usual. Being on Cyprus villa vacation and on the road requires you to eat out for almost every meal, and sometimes the menu is especially tempting. We tend to get to bed late and wake up early, constantly increasing the sleep deficit. We spend hours – sometimes as much as 16 hours straight – on an airplane, where the air is dry and riddled with germs. By the time we get home, we’re run down, groggy, jetlagged, and bloated – not to mention a few euros heavier. But what is there to do about all of this? There are a few sure-fire ways to recover and detox after your Cyprus villa vacation that will get you back to normal and ready to tackle work again before you know it. Here are our top five ways of detoxing after a vacation.

1. Pre-arrange a ride from the airport

When you get off the airplane after sitting like a LEGO man for 12 hours, do you really want to have to take public transportation home? This is the biggest lesson we learned from traveling frequently. When we’re finally out of the airport, all we want to be is home – as quickly and hassle-free as possible. We don’t want to have to wait for the train, lug our suitcases up and down stairs or even have a conversation with the friend who picks us up. If you’re in or near a big city, you can set up a ride easily on their website or on their app. It’s super easy and competitively priced. The cars are not necessarily limousines, but are very nice rides with professional drivers.

Cyprus villa vacation2. Get plenty of sleep

Nothing is worse than suffering through weeks of relentless jetlag after returning from a trip. Usually when we get home, we’re already exhausted, so even a few days of restless sleep due to jetlag is too much. The key is to plan your sleep so you return to your normal schedule as quickly as possible without forcing it.  Napping after a long-haul flight is never a good idea. Knowing this, it is good to plan your arrival for later in the day, so you don’t have too long to struggle through exhaustion before bedtime. Another key factor is allowing yourself to sleep in an extra hour or two until you’re caught up and functioning like normal again. The extra sleep will help dramatically.

Cyprus villa vacation3. Detox your diet

Cyprus is a famous with it’s hospitality and delicious food. In fact, all the heavy foods we’d been eating for two weeks while traveling had started to make you feel sluggish and bloated. The first order of business when returning home is detoxing from all the rich foods and carbs you’ve probably been eating. A healthy Mediterranean diet with plenty of raw vegetables is a great way to get your body back to feeling normal, and flush out toxins and inflammation.

Cyprus villa vacation4. Take a day before returning to work

Many people like to return home at the last possible moment, so as to extend the experience as long as possible. We would book the latest flight home on a Sunday evening as possible. Having the extra day at home to prepare yourself for the return to the office, to do the laundry and unpack from your trip and even to sleep in for one morning is so worth it.

Cyprus villa vacation5. Ease back in

It’s tempting to return to your normal, busy routine the second you return home, but we recommend you resist the urge. Planning a full schedule for the week you return will likely lead to stress, exhaustion and burn out. Give yourself the leeway to ease back in. Instead of filling up your schedule, judiciously choose activities and build in plenty of downtime. You don’t want to have to cancel plans when jetlag drags you down.


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