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Cyprus Your Winter Holiday Destination

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Visiting Cyprus In Winter

Spending the summer in Cyprus is an perfect idea; beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, glorious sunshine and great nightlife. But don’t be too quick to dismiss it as your winter holiday destination. During December-January it gets colder but there are still so many things to do besides enjoying the beaches. And personally, we find Cyprus quite interesting during the winter even If you exclude the island beach life! If you are not convinced yet, here are the top 10 reasons why you should visit Cyprus during winter.

Winter Holiday Destination

It’s Cheaper

Traveling to Cyprus in winter is way cheaper than it is during summer! A nice life hack is flying through Brussels, London and Greece from UK. On the way back usually it is very expensive to go directly to a country so almost all of the times you have lay overs in airports. Flying through these countries could be as low as 15 euros and the connection flights are not expensive either! Also, the accommodation is much cheaper since the demand is generally low.

Rich Cuisine

Cypriot has been influenced by the cuisine of many conquerors and it’s a combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine. We have a big variety of traditional foods and delicious sweets. Also, If you happen to be around Christmas time, we have some really specific Christmas sweet such as kourambiedes and melomakarona that you can only find during December- January.

Winter Holiday Destination

It Feels Less Touristy

It might sound like a hypocrite but we definitely don’t like touristy places! Everything is crowded, the queues are so long and you don’t get to experience the real culture of a country. It feels very local to visit Cyprus during winter and it is much more peaceful and quiet. You can also mingle with locals, who are more than happy to have a conversation with you and share their stories!

The Landscape Is Fresh and Green

If you visit Cyprus during the summer, you might realize that it looks dry and dusty and there is absolutely no green. But visiting Cyprus in winter, the grass grows, some flowers bloom and Cyprus looks completely different! It is a pleasure now to visit the countryside and your eye can enjoy so much more than the beaches.

Winter Holiday Destination

Explore The Beauty Of Rural Places

The island has charming beaches but there are also some diverse villages you have to discover! A friend that recently visited Cyprus in September, thought that visiting Lefkara was the highlight of her holidays. She even liked it better than the beaches! We can’t actually believe that some people come to Cyprus without even visiting one village to see the real culture of Cyprus beyond the touristy areas!

Breathtaking Sunsets

We are a sunset lovers and we love a good sunset. Cyprus is known also for it is  beautiful sunsets. There’s something special about the effect in the sky, the colors get mixed and If you go to the beach, the reflection on the water is absolutely beautiful!

Winter Holiday Destination

Archaeological Sites & Rich History

Our geographically strategic position, have made Cyprus really fragile during history and that’s why we were conquered numerous times during our long history. There are still many monuments,castles and archaeological sites that date back to thousands years ago. Visiting Cyprus in winter, means there are no queues and no extreme temperatures!

A Variety Of Sports Activities

Even If it’s generally not cold, we actually have a few weeks of snow on Troodos Mountains so you can enjoy skiing and other winter activities! There is also a variety of hiking trails in the mountainous regions,  some perfect places to discover as a cyclist and horseback riding.

Visit Agia Napa & Protaras

Agia Napa and Protaras are super crowded during the summer months! The beaches are full, the parties are wild and the drinks don’t stop flowing. If you visit during winter, it feels like a PRETTY ghost city. Apart for being very touristic, these places have a true natural beauty that doesn’t fade during winter.  The natural cliffs are still there and so are the crystal clear waters but you get to experience them all by yourself! There’s simply so much beauty there, some small chapels with breath taking views and some perfect sunsets. 

Explore The Capital - Nicosia

The exaggerating temperatures during the summer make it almost impossible to enjoy your visit in the capital during the summer. The temperatures reach over 40 degrees and it’s a torture to walk through the alleys of the old city. Visiting Cyprus in winter, will give you the opportunity to enjoy its capital. Nicosia is the last divided capital city in the world and crossing the Green Line, takes you to the Turkish Side simply by showing your passport. 

So if you still haven’t decide on winter holiday destination, definitely you should add Cyprus on your bucket list to visit it also in the winter. 

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