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“Anerades” The natural trail of Miliou

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The enchanting paths around Miliou village and the surrounding area with magnificent views and lush vegetation, represent a challenge for hikers. “Anerades” is a unique experience. This new nature trail is located close to  the charming Hotel Ayii Anargyri Spa,  near Paphos, in the village of Miliou.. The rich flora of the nature Trail is impressive with countless species of wildflowers with delicate aromas and splendid colors.


The trail has three routes,  the red, blue and yellow, each  with varying degrees of difficulty.

The first route is at the beginning along the Kolokouri River.   Thereafter it seperates depending on what you want to see.


The yellow route is the shortest 1330 meters, the blue is 2,000 meters and the Red  route returns through  the community of Miliou  and is  2100 meters.

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